Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apple and beet salad

My opening post :-)

Beautiful, great tasting and outstandingly nourishing, unusual with a familiar feeling... The slight acidity of the apples and the sharp-ish sweetness of red beets dance really well together in this simple, juicy and revitalizing dish. 

I'm crazy about naturally sweet things, and I found that back in 2011 while couchsurfing with a girl in Linter, Belgium. We went to help someone out with building a strawbale house, transporting burning wood and things like that and after the work we started preparing a feast.

It sounded a little bit weird for me, especially because I used to be a bit uptight with what I would eat, but once I tried, I couldn't help but going for seconds!

It's very easy to make, it's not even a recipe:

Grate red apples and beets (start on a 1:1 ratio and adapt according to your taste), mix them and, if you want it to be a bit less splashy, you can drain the juice (and, by all means, drink it, it's almost een better than the salad). That's it. You can add rocket or ginger if you want some spicyness, it would certainly match well.


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